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Apply to join the consortium!

As a part of our inaugural cycle, we are pleased to offer the works from two composers: Reginal Wright and Evan Ramos. These young and diverse composers are from the Fort Worth, Texas/Tarrant County area. Both composers' works are available in Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass voicings during the July 15, 2022 through July 14, 2023 window.

Watch this video to learn about each piece directly from the composers:

All Title 1 middle schools are invited to join the SCP consortium by completing and submitting a short application for the 2022-2023 membership cycle. The FWC will use the information provided to verify Title 1 status. Within two weeks after submission, access to the music, teaching resources, and a one-time download of the .pdf and .mp3 files will be available for your school. Based on the number of copies requested, you will have ownership rights to copy, perform, and post using a video sync license. The link below is an application form for membership. Details about the dates of download availability and permissions are within the application. Once you receive the music, the school can keep it just as if it had been purchased from a publisher. The FWC and the composers are covering the costs.

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