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I moved to the Metroplex from Boston MA in January 1994. I’d spent 2 ½ years near Boston, and was eager to return to the warmer climes of Texas! I’d been a singer my whole life, and studied Music Education in college. Over time, singing had taken a back seat to career demands, but I realized how much I missed singing.

A dear friend from my days working at the Texas Capitol was a member of Schola Cantorum of Texas, and he talked a lot about what a wonderful singing group it was. I arrived in the Metroplex on a Sunday, and the following day, Monday, Tom Clarke took me to my first Schola rehearsal. I auditioned for Dr. Gary Ebensberger, was accepted, and began my years of singing in Schola.

A couple of years later, a good-looking bass/baritone joined Schola. His name was David Phillips, and I was very interested in him. Dr. Ebensberger used a mixed voice seating arrangement, and soon, I found myself standing and singing next to David. We began to talk and discovered that we had many similar interests. We both had degrees in Music Education, were raised in the Methodist church, and enjoyed many of the same pastimes.

As the concert year progressed, our interest in each other deepened, and we began to make plans for a future together. We were engaged in the summer of 1997, and married on January 3, 1998. We sang together in Schola for many happy years. Under the talented batons of Dr. Ebensberger and Dr. Bailey, we learned incredible repertoire and sang many concerts, including the tour of Germany in 2003.

We celebrated our 24th anniversary on January 3rd, and David continues to sing with the Chorale, while I devote my time to the Board of Directors.

Music brought us together and has been a huge part of our marriage. It will remain so for all the years we have together.


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