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Hopefully, you’ve read about the about the launch in April of the Chorale’s new endeavor – the Schola Cantorum Project (SCP). It’s an educational and cultural program that supports underrepresented voices, and aligns with our mission to cultivate Inspiration, Artistry and Community. As a former music educator, I’ve been inspired for years by the programs supported by the Chorale. The FWC has a rich history of commitment to young people and their education in choral music. To name a few: “2000 Years of Music History”, “Score a Goal in the Classroom” and, now, SCP.

2000 Years of Music History was an outreach program where some 20 members of the choir (in full costume!) would perform a show that took students through the evolutionary changes in music - from drum-beating to Madrigal to Contemporary. Compositions by composers such as Handel, Haydn and Stephen Foster were performed – and even Elvis made an appearance. This innovative program was targeted toward middle school students, but was enjoyed by people of all ages.

Score a Goal in the Classroom was the vision of Bayard H. Friedman. The program, established in his memory, recognized outstanding students and school employees. Friedman was a renowned civic leader in Fort Worth who was a driving force in elevating the city’s appreciation for the importance of education. His vision was to reward children for academic achievements, and to honor educator “heroes” in the community. Local schools could nominate their peers, and those selected were honored at community events or entertainment venues. The FWC was pleased to make presentations to those “heroes” on behalf of Score a Goal in the Classroom at many of our concerts.

We’re so excited about the launch and future of the new Schola Cantorum Project! If you haven’t already checked it out, please visit our website and follow it on Facebook and Instagram. When you visit the social media pages, we would greatly appreciate you sharing the information with composers and teachers you know that can benefit from the project.

For many years, the Chorale has also been influencing students to become strong singers and understand the excellence they can attain by including local choirs on our programs. It’s always a joy to hear them at our concerts and to help encourage their future participation in choral music.

Marvin Hamlisch, Composer and Entertainer, said, “The real world will be shaped by us and our children. And who we are – and what our children will become – is directed by the education we receive. Without a strong education in the arts, our entire society shall be poorer and weaker.” The FWC believes in this statement, and looks forward to continuing the focus on education in this season and beyond!


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