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She’s #1 in our book!

Cheri Jordan is the FWC’s Music Librarian and an integral part of the choir’s operations. She works

closely with the Artistic Director/Conductor - providing support and materials to both Dr. Kenaston and our singers. Please join us in thanking Cheri for volunteering for this important job!

Who first influenced your musical career? I was born into a musical family.  My dad was my first church music minister while my mom was either the church organist or church pianist. She also played marimba. I began singing in choirs beginning at age 4, then started piano lessons at age 7, and viola in 5th grade. Music was my major in college, earning a

Bachelor of Music Education degree. I also attended at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where I earned the Master of Music degree and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Voice.

I have sung in choirs, ensembles, been a soloist, pianist, and taught in high school and in college. My greatest love has been when I served as a church music minister. 

Those who most influenced me in music, besides my parents, were my church music leaders, my voice teacher, Virginia Seelig, and seminary faculty Joe & Sue King and C.L. Bass, who sang with the Chorale for many years. It was C.L. who invited me to join Schola Cantorum in 2004.  

When I became a member of the choir, we had just adopted two sons from Russia. I spent a great deal of time at home helping them with their school work and adjusting to life in America. Being able to sing in a high-caliber choir has helped me keep up my skills.  Not only do I sing with FWC and serve as the Librarian, I also sing in my church choir and in Old Fashioned Singing, a group that keeps hymn singing alive. The variety of music keeps me doing what I love and expresses the deep joy of my soul.


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